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Above all, the commercial sector requires flexible design and efficient use of floor areas. Each square foot used for building services is a lost square foot for leasing. WSM Engineering Inc. has considerable international experience having delivered commercial projects around the world. In order to save footprint we recommend our customers to consider skid mounted modular mechanical rooms and pump rooms, which is a new trend in the industry with all equipment factory installed on the skid. Secondly we would also recommend about energy efficient systems based on Green Building guidebooks and Hartman Loop technology according to current trend.

WSM Engineering Inc. engages in fast tracked design and to communicate effectively with multinational developers, architects and owners as a key role for our future success in this sector to better serve our international customers.

WSM Engineering Inc. provides an integrated design team of mechanical, electrical, lighting, telecommunications, and information technology and design engineers, which results in significant advantages to our clients and to our design and construction partners. Whether designing high-rise towers or sprawling low-rise campuses, WSM Engineering Inc. brings innovative solutions that result in improved scheduling, cost efficiency and operational advantages.

The tenant sector has emerged as a result of an industry need for specialized engineering services for the increasingly dynamic commercial real estate market. As companies move from one location to another to accommodate expansion or contraction, or to reposition themselves either economically or geographically, commercial space needs to be redesigned for the changing occupancy levels and layouts.

WSM Engineering Inc. will provide dedicated specialized personnel to tenant engineering. We plan to enter into this sector as a result of following a few simple rules: respond quickly, provide total client support, deliver solutions with long-term value and always keep focused on one important end – the client’s peace of mind.

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